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The purpose of Asozai is simple. We want to help get people from one location to another in the quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. Are you a passenger? You can see all of our drivers’ current location on a map and request a ride. Better communication leads to a better experience for everyone.
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Asozai is the best rideshare app in Dhaka

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Install the app and register as passenger or driver. Find driver nearest to you and call him to get ride. Start app before start.

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You Own It, We Run It

We started the Asozai ride-sharing platform with the “user knows best” mentality. A large corporation shouldn’t dictate what you have and don’t have in an app. Do you see something that you don’t like? Tell us. Is there a feature that you would like to have? Tell us. This is your platform, you provide the suggestions and leave the coding to us. In return, we will keep our costs to a minimum so that we don’t get in the way of both rider and driver. Help make Asozai better for everyone! Report problems or provide suggestions to help us improve the quality of our app.Your feedback is very important to us! Difficulty?

Use Asozai Rideshare for anywhere

Anywhere, anytime

Daily commute. Errand across town. Early morning flight. Late night drinks. Wherever you’re headed, count on Asozai for a ride—no reservations required.

Asozai Ridesahre helps you to find easy way

Easiest way around

One tap and a car comes directly to you. Hop in—your driver knows exactly where to go. And when you get there, just step out. Payment is completely seamless.

Asozai Rideshare is cheap & save time

Low-cost to luxury

Economy cars at everyday prices are always available. For special occasions, no occasion at all, or when you just a need a bit more room, call a black car or SUV.

Life’s short. Enjoy the ride.

Do you find yourself stressed out because you’re stuck behind the wheel in traffic? Let your driver navigate the best path to your destination. Take a back seat and enjoy the ride!

Find your easiest path over map when you are in heavy traffic
Find  your easiest path over map when you are in heavy traffic

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Phone: +8801736878338
C/20, JAKIR HOSSAIN ROAD BLOCK-E, Mohammadpur,Dhaka-1207
Asozai Ride sharing

Asozai is helping people to get driver easily from your house ,office,shopping or any other location to make your life easier. Driver also getting call from passengers who can see them on map.

Installation & Guide:
1.Install the app
2.Register as Driver/Rider
3.Locate your Origin to Destination & get your estimated trip cost
4.Choice your Vehicle Type
6.Driver will get call & will set your pickup to destination & will pick you up.
7.You reached the destination & make payment

Find nearest to you
- Real-time tracking of your journey
- Fare calculated by GPS real time data
- View details of previous rides in history
- Apply promo codes to get discounts

Asozai Rideshare Solutions
Asozai Rideshare Solutions Asozai Rideshare Solutions Asozai Rideshare Solutions
Asozai Rideshare in Dhaka City